Long corridor in a granary and its barrel vault


Restoration research confirmed that the origin of the vault dates to a year around 1611. The vault was built on an older wall. Stonework of the vault is made of bricks and the wall stonework is a mix of bricks and stones – this was used to brick in some old loop-holes. A grey baroque plaster layer was discovered in the vault. This grey layer was covering the whole vault. According to a research there is a local presence of plaster and coloured layers which are related to the object restoration in the 1882. The last two layers are only coloured and modern. The most preserved vault layers originate in the third quarter of the 18th century and their expected extend is 60%. A damage caused by non-professional setting of electro-installation into the connection of vault and a wall was visible along the length of the vault. This made it difficult to identify a sequence of the plasters of the vault and the adjacent wall. The material base of the vault is in a good condition.

Restoration proposal at a glance

The course of restoration work carried out on the barrel vault