North Façade of the so called “Abbey Wing”


The origins of the Benedictine monastery in Hronský Beňadik date back to the second half of the 11th century. The current form of fortified building with a dominant church of Saint Benedict the Abbot and Virgin Mary is the result of several construction restorations and adjustments that are related to broader historical realia.

Based on the information and a possibility of the most complex presentation of the northern façade, the methodologists of restoration and KPÚ in Banská Bystrica were enabled to present historical layer from the end of 19th century. This layer represents a part of the most dramatic and the largest restoration of the whole monastery complex. The author of this adjustment in neo-gothic style was the famous painter from Šoproň, and at the same time one of the most prolific 19th century restorers in Austro-Hungarian Empire, Franz Storno Senior.

During the restoration of the Abbey wing façade the most important was to prevent a decay of protected layers, their cleaning of deposits and the recent but inappropriate adjustments. The next step was intensive restoration of plastered areas imitating the surface of stone blocks. Into the base element remediation system was implemented in accordance with project documentation.