“Improvement of tourism infrastructure making the national cultural monument – Nitra castle – accessible, including the restoration of its parts”

is realised within the programme

„Conservation and revitalisation of cultural and natural heritage and Promotion of diversity in culture and arts within European cultural heritage“


by the European Economic Area Financial Mechanism and State Budget of the Slovak Republic

Programme operator:

Government Office of the Slovak Republic


Roman-Catholic Church, Bishopric Nitra

Date of issue of project approval: 20th of February 2015, Planned project completion date: 20th of April 2016

Original finish date of the project: 30.04. 2016
Prolonged finish date of the project: 30.04. 2017

Programme partners:

Castellum, non-profit organisation

The aim of the project:

The aim of the project is cultural heritage restored, reconstructed, protected and accessible to the public.


The aim of the project expressed in measurable indicators with final value:

1. 1. Number of restored parts of the castle (castle cellar, balustrade, staircase): 3

2. Area of restored castle wall in square meters: 313

3. Number of new tourist infrastructures (tourist service center, car park): 2

4. Number of promotional items: 1700

5. Number of information materials: 1735

6. The length of restored walkways: 200 m2

7. Number of new information boards (walkway, cellar): 5

8. Zriadenie expozície (schodisko veže): 160 m2


The funding of the project is divided into three parts:

1. Project Management: € 23,400;

2. Cultural heritage preserved, restored and accessible to the public: € 780,028;

3. New expositions opened, information boards installed on educational walkways and territories: € 17,530.


Information about the amount of the provided grant (CRZ link):

Total Eligible Project Expenditure: € 820 958

Grant of the project: € 697 814

Project Grant Rate max. 85% of the total eligible expenditure of the project
Co-financing of the project from resources of Grant Beneficiary: € 123,144
 15% of the total eligible expenditure of the project
Unauthorized Project Expenditure: € 138.171 (Refunded by Grant Beneficiary)


Budget chapters funded by the project:

1. The costs of purchase of goods and services: € 24.240

2. The costs of publicity and propagation of the project: € 17.765

3. The total costs of all construction works: € 778.953