Archeologists dates the cellar under bishop palace to 12th century. It means, the cellar is the eldest one not only in Nitra city, but also in Nitra region. Archeological researches in the cellar began in 2013. Gradually the vault walls were cleaned and part of the original oak staircase was preserved. The original wooden gate was restored and given back to the cellar. New facility makes this space appropriate for occasional presentations of wine tradition of the Nitra region. In the reconstructed cellar there are also information boards from which visitors can learn about the Nitra vineyards.

The cellar is divided into two parts, which once were united on the same floor. In upper cellar, that is smaller, there is a place for storage of archive wines. In lower part, that is bigger, there is service prepared for visitors and tourists. From the budget of EEA renovation and cleaning of cellar´s walls were paid.