The eldest walls are remains of medieval fortification which surrounded northeastern part of upper part of Nitra. During the 18th century, or at the beginning of 19th century the stone fence-wall was built. This wall protected buildings of upper town from northeastern side and it was the subject of reconstruction.

The overall intention was to restore the destroyed part of the wall. The renewed over ground part was completed to respect the character of the retained masonry.

Behind the historic fence-wall a bearing reinforced concrete wall was built there. It lays on pillars that have foundations on a rock mass.

n the Gothic Ditch there were partly reconstructed walls. Old and improper cement plaster was removed and it was replaced by plaster which enable the walls to breath. In such a way we reduce the degradation of masonry behind the plaster. Around 50% of walls were reconstructed from projects’ funds.


At the same time, two historical walls found two years before were cleansed. The walls were partly under the asphalt of car park and partially covered with clay. They are currently presented in the eastern part of the pre-castle place.