Nitra castle has undergone several reconstructions since 2000, which brought a growing interest of tourists with it. Tourist services in the castle are covered by the Castellum, non-profit organization founded by the Nitra Bishopric. One of the problem of tourist services was lack of spaces. There was no place where tourists could stay during the bad weather or refresh themselves. Another complication was no place for car parking for example for tour buses. And these which existed were not comfortably accessible to castle.

This was a reason why new object with pavements connecting car parking and castle, had been suggested to build. In 2013 archeological research began on the place where this object now stands. The result of research was uncovered parts of medieval walls from 12th century. During the construction of new tourist object these walls were dig off around, cleansed, preserved and left uncovered visually. The object itself is located under the former level of terrain so as not to disturb the silhouette of castle.

In February 2017 café with daily menu was opened in the tourist object. Side entrance of the café serves as an entrance to the toilets for public. The path from north side leads visitors exactly to the terrace of this object. Brochure stands and monitors are installed in the object, which reproduces scenery from castle exteriors as well as individual castle expositions.